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Just thought I'd inform you all that I will move all my resources to boxx2genetica-stock instead of posting them here. This will be an art-only related account from now on. :)


Find me at: Photography Blog | RedBubble | Flickr | Photocase
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Lately I've begun to take photos a lot. To be honest, I find it really fun, even if I'm a complete amateur at it. Don't hestitate to post if you have any feedback/comments to give, because I really appreciate it. Nothing is better than being able to create things with your own hands.

Now if I could just learn how to make good drawings too... :)


Find me at: Photography Blog | RedBubble | Flickr | Photocase
Thanks for everyone who commented and fav'd Freak of Nature that recently got a DD. I really appreciate it. :)
Haven't updated here for a while, or anywhere else for that matter. However, I've added a few new textures and photos taken with my new Canon Eos 450D and 100mm macro lens. :) Owning a DSLR feels so very different from my old point & shoot, but it is indeed a lot of fun. Even though I can't say I understand how apertures, ISO, shutter speed and whatnot works together just yet.

But I'm working on it. :)
Just updating to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year. :) May everyone get plenty of sweet presents and snow!
Since a sweet soul informed me that third-party resources are not allowed in created resources here, even if no copyright infringement was made, I've simply removed all my resources from DA. :) They're still available at my website though.
I find it rather obvious but please do not redistribute my textures/creations in whole at DeviantArt or anywhere else. Do not do minor edits and claim them as yours. Do not put them up for download. They are meant to be used in graphics, layouts, photo manipulations, wallpapers, etc., not for you to get praised for something you did not create.

Also, my site FEEL is back up again. :) I will still continue to share my creations with the DA community though.
Added two new photo manipulations to the gallery. I haven't made anything new in that department for a very long time, mainly because of my lack of inspiration. One is an older piece I actually made back in june, but I didn't post it until now. The other one is a new piece. The concept might be rather predictable, but I still enjoyed making it.

I haven't gotten around creating any new textures either lately, so I suppose a new set soon would be perfect. :)
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This is my very first journal post. I'll be putting up my textures (they're also available at my other site, FEEL). I might also put up other resources that I see fit. Hopefully you will find them useful. =)